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   Volvox (Engineering) Ltd   

Specialists in Biogas Combined Heat and Power Systems

Our Products


Standard Configuration/Features

  • Grid-synchronising, 3-phase, 415VAC, 50Hz, with MCCB mains contactors and G59/2 protection relay
  • Built-in dump radiator to allow the CHP to continue generating electricity regardless of how much or how little heat is being taking
  • Sound attenuating, weather-proof enclosure
  • External industrial exhaust silencer (included but not fitted)
  • Internal and external water circuits separated by flat plate heat exchanger
  • Closed loop air/fuel ratio control system
  • Dynamic (real-time) ignition timing control



  • Single phase alternator (230VAC, 50 Hz) up to 150kW
  • No enclosure, for those sites who have a purpose-built plant room
  • Remote dump radiator (useful when CHP is installed in plant rooms)
  • Extended service interval kit
  • H2S tolerance (kit part 1)
  • H2S tolerance (kit part 2)
  • Asynchronous grid connection (for cost effective load variation and unstable grid supply tolerance)
  • Non-synchronising power generation system for islanding mode
  • Internet and/or SMS remote monitoring/control
  • Choice of colour schemes and branding options


Components and construction

Volvox uses two manufacturing sites:- one in Abingdon (UK) and the other in Chengdu (China).

All Volvox Biogas CHPs (from 25kWe and above) are built using Cummins industrial diesel engines. The vast majority of Cummins engines in this size range are manufactured in Chonqing (China). We have a very close relationship with the CTO in China and work closely with Cummins on our more adventurous developments (e.g. Camshaft re-profiling). This close relationship also enables us to offer excellent pricing and delivery times.

We have always used best quality component brands (e.g. Woodward, Impco, Marathon, Leroy Somer, Cummins, Altronics, Gill, Motortech, GAC, DUNGS/Kromschröder). We offer high value – not compromised quality.

Our product range

Volvox Engineering Ltd. designs and manufactures Biogas CHPs in the power output range of 5kWe to 500kWe. We build to order and our lead times are usually between 8 to 12 weeks.

The following brochures can be used as a guide to what we produce. Please email us to for the latest detailed specifications and prices.

Volvox 25kWe Biogas CHP
Volvox 50kWe Biogas CHP
Volvox 75kWe Biogas CHP
Volvox 150kWe Biogas CHP