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Specialists in Biogas Combined Heat and Power Systems

Our Technology


We are continually developing our products so that our customers achieve the maximum possible return on investment.

In this section of the website you will find some technologies that we are particularly proud of.

Our brochures can be used as a guide to what we produce. Please email us to for the latest detailed specifications and prices.

Electrical Efficiency

With government incentives providing significant revenue, electrical efficiency is extremely important to our customers. There are several standard strategies for optimising efficiency:-

  • Optimising compression ratio (dynamically on some models)
  • Tight thermal management
  • Realtime dynamic air/fuel ratio control
  • High power ignition systems
  • Realtime dynamic ignition timing

Volvox Biogas CHPs incorporate all the above in order to achieve high levels of efficiency.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs can have a significant impact on payback. Volvox R&D is focused on minimising the cost of maintenance and maximising the time between services (the service interval).

The main costs involved with maintenance are:-

  • Lubrication oil replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Air and oil filter replacements
  • Maintenance Labour costs

Volvox Biogas CHPs are now fitted with high energy inductive ignition systems. Inductance (rather than capacitance) ignition has been shown to extend spark plug life by almost 50%

We have developed a 1 micron oil filter system that does not require cartridge replacements - it's just a matter of cleaning the filter. Most full-flow cartridge filters can only remove particles as small as 20 microns, whilst all the wear damage is done by particles smaller than 10 micron.

The main reason for changing the lubrication oil in Biogas CHP is that the H2S in the fuel gas has put acids into the oil. These need to be removed usually by changing the oil. Volvox CHPs come with acidity buffering filters which extend the life of the oil, extending the service interval and reducing costs.

H2S Tolerance

Another major operational expense when running an Anaerobic Digester is the cost of removing H2S. At Volvox, we are reducing this cost by making our engine more tolerant to the presence of H2S.

Careful moisture management, temperature control and ventillation management can significantly reduce the contamination of lubrication oil with H2S.

Volvox can also offer an oil analysis service, the data from which can be used to manage additive replacement instead of costly oil replacement.

If relative high levels of H2S need to be tolerate, we can also make some engine component material changes.