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Specialists in Biogas Combined Heat and Power Systems

Why Buy from Volvox

We know what our customers need

At Volvox we pride ourselves on our ability to work with Anaerobic Digester Suppliers and end users to optimise the performance of Biogas CHP systems.

Due to advances in technology, new companies entering the industry and application diversification our experience of finding innovative solutions has become essential. As with all cutting edge industries continuous learning and development is critical to providing value for money solutions.

We have close working relationships with the majority of UK-based Anaerobic Digester suppliers. We listen very carefully to specific customer needs, whether they are AD suppliers or end users, in order to find the best solution.

In general we design solutions to achieve the following:

  • Optimised return on investment
  • Early return on investment
  • High electrical efficiency
  • Low running/maintenance costs
  • Good reliability
  • Minimal down time
  • Easy installation/integration
  • Control/monitoring

We know what unexpected problems our customers may encounter

Although every system is different there are some common problems that we encounter and which we have become efficient at finding solutions to:

  • Unstable/unreliable grid connections
  • Fluctuating gas quantities
  • Varying gas quality (this comes in many forms)
  • Site operator quantity/quality variations
  • Complex electrical and thermal site energy loads/profiles

Volvox Biogas CHPs are modular, off-the-shelf subsystems – ‘black-boxes’. In their simplest form; there is a place for the gas supply to connect, a place where the electrical power connects, two control wires and two pipes where the hot water connects. It is that simple.

There is no need to worry about how much or how little heat you collect; the Volvox CHP will ensure that it is never underloaded or overloaded. Even without water pipes connected the CHP will function.

We can supply P&IDs if required by engineers on larger and more complex system installations.