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   Volvox (Engineering) Ltd   

Specialists in Biogas Combined Heat and Power Systems


What we do

We design, manufacture and sell Biogas Combined Heat and Power Systems in the size range of 5kWe to 500kWe.

Our products are designed to be efficient, reliable, durable and cost effective.

Over our 8 years in business we have amassed a wealth of specialist knowledge which enables us to solve the technical challenges that AD systems can pose. We have developed many unique and innovative solutions to improve system performance - please visit our technology page for details.

We build to order and our lead times are typically 8 to 12 weeks.

If you have a Biogas CHP and you are unhappy with its performance, we also offer consultancy services to solve operational problems and improve system performance.


Company History

In the early years Volvox generally sold products at the very small end of the output range. Volvox worked hard to make this market viable by working closely with component suppliers, often helping them to develop their products.

Today we have many special relationships with industry-leading engine, generator, heat exchanger, and control system manufacturers. This enables us to provide top quality biogas CHPs at great prices. We will beat any like-for-like Biogas CHP quote.

Over the years we have achieved many accolades:-

  • Energy Innovation Award runner-up 2011.
  • First commercial vegetable oil CHP (one year before a large national CHP competitor claimed to have done so).
  • Demonstrated a 10kW CHP running on tallow in 2005.
  • Provided consultancy to Columbia University on a research project.

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